Administering of Examinations

Our long involvement in ESOL examinations is a guarantee that we can serve the needs of language schools both at home and internationally. We can provide our client schools the best available examinations from top recognized UK awarding organizations.



DEQUALS was set up at the beginning of 2009 and brought together the know- how, the skills and the professional networks of a group of people, many of who had over thirty years in the education business.

The main objective was to introduce to the market such educational services that had been in demand and nobody else had the experience to supply. One such service was the certification of training, vocational and educational courses which do not fall under any of the known categories of validation.

Another area of activity was the offer to consultancy services to colleges in the countries where the company has been active. Such services include the advice and technical support which made it possible for them to franchise degree and other programmes from universities.

DEQUALS has also worked with awarding organizations. In some cases it promoted and administered examinations and in other worked with schools and colleges for the certification of their students. At the moment, this activity attracts very high attention by many of our client colleges. As it is introduced by many large colleges it will likely be copied by the smaller ones. We expect the demand for certification services to grow very fast in the next three to five years.

The main area of activities is Greece. The three largest colleges of the private sector are clients and some smaller are looking to secure our services. Our next market is Cyprus where we have our main offices. We have recently established partnerships in the UK (colleges) Lebanon and Georgia. Our Balkans manager is frequent visitor to Albania and Serbia where he is building business relationships.

Our organization offers consulting in most areas of education particularly:
Representation of awarding and certificating organizations. Administering of examinations.
Advice and facilitation of higher education organizations to set up operations in Cyprus and Greece.
Consultation to local higher education Institutions on course validation.
Facilitation of international collaborations in education.


The NCFE, LRN, ABC awards, TQUK, are national awarding bodies in the UK. Awarding Bodies design and award qualifications which recognize the skills, knowledge, and understanding achieved by learners at particular levels and subjects.
We, at DEQUALS, offer you the opportunity to validate your own courses and develop qualifications which these awarding organisations will certificate. Also, you may use our validated courses or even have tailor-made ones by our team of academic consultants. This is a great proposition for higher and further education providers and also providers of vocational qualifications.
Regulated Awarding Organisations’ qualifications enjoy wide recognition with employers and UK universities and they are a strong passport to great careers. DEQUALS has a long experience in helping colleges of further and higher education, as well as training providers to develop and validate their courses.