Postgraduate Diploma In Social Media Marketing and SEO

For professionals and aspiring professionals in marketing, the Postgraduate Diploma in Social Media Marketing and SEO is a must. It will give you the opportunity to develop, update and strengthen your expertise in social media marketing and SEO.

The course will not upset your normal work schedule as the lessons take place in the evening at Alexander College, Larnaca, and emphasize hands-on practical experience to ensure best of practice in their field.

Start Date: 12th of Sep 2016
Finish Date: 25th of Nov 2016
Tuition Fee: € 1, 150
Course Duration: 72 hours


Post Graduate Diploma (Level 7) awarded by ABC Awarding. ABC Awarding is a UK regulated awarding organization.

The course includes:

Google tools for marketing:

• Understand the difference between traditional advertising media and online media.
• Be able to advertise on the Internet through Google Ad Words.
• Be able to analyze a website audience with Google Analytics.
• Be able to monitor and maintain a website with Google Search Console (Webmasters).
• Record a business in Google My Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

• Learn how to optimize a website so that it appears on the first page of search engines results and also learn Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Mobile and Email Marketing:

• Learn multitude of options advertise a business through mobile.
• Learn techniques of email marketing and the Mailchimp platform.

Social Media Marketing:

• Be able to use Facebook to promote their business.
• Be able to use Instagram to promote their business.
• Be able to use other social media to promote their business: Identify what is Twitter and how to use it, Identify what is LinkedIn and how to use it, Identify what is Google and how to use it.